Tied up with way too much work to possibly write amazing content for your business? Struggling to get enough time to eat and let alone breathe?

Having intriguing content that converts is so important. Especially in this  day and age where accessibility to anything online makes every market incredibly easy to view. The competition is fierce.

Thats where i come in! I’m Jennifer and I am freelance writer for hire. 

Let me give you intriguing content your business will thrive on. I will give you the edge that will keep your loyal readers hooked, and your new readers wanting more.

I have a BA in psychology which has given me my out-of-the-box creative thinking that makes my content stand out. I have passion for detail, which shows in my work.

I have professional experience in:

  • Personal Development & Mental Health Field
  • Education- I have been a special ed teacher & college level teaching assistant

I am an Alaskan born mom and wife residing in Anchorage, Alaska. I have personal experience in:

  • Alaskan wildlife and adventure
  • Winter Sports and cold weather activities
  • Blogging and Digital Marketing
  • Healthy and Organic Living
  • Parenting

But, why should you hire me? 

Simple. I write content readers will actually read.

My copy is:

  • Easy to read
  • Relevant
  • Unique
  • Intriguing

Freelance writing isn’t just a side gig for me, it is my career. When you hire me, you are supporting my personal business.  I have passion for writing and time on my hands prioritized just for you. Your copy will be written with the utmost care. This is my promise.


Want to talk more? Visit my hire me now page for more details!